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What People are Saying about Glysolid®
  I've been using Glysolid on my hands and feet for years, so I know how wonderful it works. I decided to try some on my face. My skin is often a bit red and dry and its getting worse as I get older. So far after about a week of using Glysolid on my face, it is softer, feels smooth, and the redness is less. I'm sensitive and do get breakouts from some creams but not with Glysolid. I'm going to continue using it on my face. I like the results so far.
L.D., Los Angeles, CA  (February 24, 2017)

  Thanks for the sample of Glysolid. I didn't believe the reviews and I wanted to try it for myself. I'm amazed at how just a little dollop helped my dry hands feel better so I'm going to buy some at the store you recommended.
Liz, Alhambra, CA  (February 18, 2017)

  Another great product review was posted on YouTube on May 6, 2014. You can watch it here:
Jessica, Unknown location  (February 10, 2017)

  I got a sample of Glysolid at my salon. I used it for two days and I noticed that my skin wasn't so dry anymore. So I went back and bought a big tub of it. Yesterday my husband told me how soft my skin has become. Thanks Glysolid. Your cream works great
Shannon A., New York  (February 5, 2017)

  A wonderful review of Glysolid was posted on YouTube on September 5, 2016. Please view it at
Unknown,   (December 17, 2016)

  I started using a dab of Glysolid on my face after shaving because of shavers burn without telling my wife. After only a few days I noticed shaving was smoother. My wife asked me if I was using Glysolid on my face because my skin looked smoother. She is right... my skin is smoother.
Barry, Port Charlotte, FL  (December 13, 2016)

  I used Glysolid in Germany and I am so happy to have found it here. It is a wonderful product.
Sabine, Walnut Creek, CA  (December 2, 2016)

  Glysolid really absorbs into the skin and I think something within it has a slight numbing agent. My hands use to peel and I mean peel badly due to the chlorine in my water system. I came from living in my great grandfather's old farm house my parents redid back in 1985 and we were on well water system with a well my father's family has used for decades and I didn't have this problem. But after I started using Glysolid regularly MY HANDS QUIT PEELING. Glysolid is a miracle! I would suggest this to everybody with any skin issues it's non scented and I bet it would really help people with pyrosis of the skin. So people women and men (cause it's a product for both) use it if you need help with dry skin or any skin issues it works like a charm YEAH!
PaigeD., Knoxville, Tennessee  (November 15, 2016)

  I used Glysolid all the time when I worked as a nurse. My hands were always dry from constantly being washed. Glysolid was the only cream that helped my skin. I'm so glad to see Glysolid is available again. I will definitely buy it - it's worth every penny!
Mrs. Portmann, Bangor, ME  (September 20, 2016)

  Finally a product that helped my dry feet. I can wear sandals again without being embarrassed.
Julia, Seattle, WA  (August 11, 2016)

  I've struggled with dry hands for as long as I can remember. I work with paints and cleaners, which are very harsh on the skin. I've tried other stuff but with those you have to keep reapplying them all day long. I can't do that because of my job. Recently, my sister gave me a jar of Glysolid. WOW! I use it at night and that's enough to keep my hands from drying out during the day. Thank you Glysolid! Your product is great!
Phillip, Portland, OR  (May 10, 2016)

  Glysolid has made a world of difference with my hands!! They are all healed up and doing any cooking, dishes and household chores is a breeze. Glysolid is the best thing to happen to my hands in more years than I can count.
Barbara, Cherry Valley, IL  (March 17, 2016)

  Amazing! It's the only thing that helped to soften my rough feet.
Monika, Schaumburg, IL  (August 22, 2015)

  I have been using Glysolid for twelve years. Here in the Midwest we experience all four seasons. Glysolid helps keep my skin healthy year round. Preventing my hands from suffering from dry cracked skin in winter to helping heal my skin after an occasional sunburn in the summer, Glysolid works.
Rodney, Newton, IL  (May 29, 2015)

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